Yin Yoga



Puff Rating 3
Limit of participants

About the Class

Yin Yoga targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints, and organs. It’s slower, more meditative and the asanas (poses) are held for longer, giving you space and time to turn inward, tune into, and connect to both your body and mind. It’s an opportunity to refresh, restore, relax, and renew.

Class Type: Wellbeing

Get your Zen on with our chilled out body and mind classes…don’t be fooled that these are “easy”. Wellbeing classes are what you make them, a relaxing time to reconnect or a challenge to find tougher poses and deeper options to explore. We dare you to give these a try and change your preconceptions!

Did you know?
Mind-body exercises that focus on strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control/activation and breathing. This helps promote better posture and alignment whilst strengthening and toning the whole body.