Get up, move and be happy.

When people get up and move, even a little, they tend to be happier than when they are still, according to an interesting new study that used cellphone data to track activities and moods. In general, the researchers found, people who move are more content than people who sit. There already is consid...


What actually causes muscle soreness?

You’ve kick-started your morning with some stair drills or a pump class to get you moving. Half way through through those squats, you begin to feel the burn. And by the time the next morning comes around, you’re probably wincing at the fact that you may never walk (or squat) again. Sound...


Strength in Numbers

When you first start going to the gym, it can be tough to know how to go about your workouts, and unfortunately a lack of direction can often be the difference between success and failure in achieving your goals. Something I see so regularly in the typical gym goer is a huge spike in motivation when...


6 Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing

When you’re strapped for time, trying to carve out 30 minutes five days a week for your workouts can feel like an exercise in just trying not to go crazy. Unless, of course, your boss is cool with you blowing off work, someone else is cleaning your apartment or you suddenly have zero family obligati...