Member Stories: Craig Meier

How I Lost 40kg and Changed My Life Planet Fitness Gosford is proud of the massive change Craig has made! I first realised I was obese at the age of 13 years old when I was about 95kg. I didn’t do anything about my weight so it only got worse up until around 16 years old when I weighed 115kg which w...


MTAN: Rania Tahach

Meet Casula’s latest More Than a Number, Rania! Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise? No. Did you have a goal when you first joined Planet Fitness? My goal was to lose weight. Have you achieved what you originally set out to do? Yes, I’m down 50kg. What was your perception of g...


How to Live a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Heart Disease (which includes strokes and other cardiovascular diseases) still remains the number one cause of death – and when you think about that statistic, it is pretty chilling as there are more deaths to heart disease than all forms of cancer combined! Heart disease is also known as the “Silen...


Winter Work Makes Summer Bodies

As the weather turns from long sunny days to days of dark evenings, winter chill and falling rain the motivation we had for summer slowly starts to fade. Our gym attendance drops as our beds seem like a way more cozy option in the mornings and the calories in warm comfort food grows causing us to lo...