Progressive Overload Weight Training

Progressive overload – the most important law in strength training. Perhaps you’re new to lifting and you’re wondering exactly what progressive overload is. Well, progressive overload simply means that you’re doing more over time. For example, you could be adding some weight to the bar, doing more r...


Are you getting the most out of your membership?

Hands up those of you who’ve followed through on your intention to get fit and finally made the commitment to join a gym? – Well done, you! You’ve got a shiny new membership card, a wardrobe full of brand spankin’ new activewear and a mindset that’s so positive and determined, ain’t nothing go...


What is a Supersetting Workout? 

Super setting exercise helps keep your body longer in the working threshold. This is where you work from one exercise straight into another with little or no rest. When you mix the right combinations of exercise you are able to accelerate your rate build lean muscle. When you finish doing exercises...


Mastering the Bench Press

STEP ONE: HAND SPACING The perfect bench press rep starts without any weight on the bar. Why no weight? The first thing you need to do is determine your proper hand spacing on the bar. Lie down on the bench and unrack the bar as you normally would. Lower the bar to your chest and have a partner take...