Six Reasons You Should Try a Summer Boot Camp

Fitness boot camps have become exceedingly popular in the past year thanks to the variety and effectiveness they offer participants. In 2012, the American College of Sports Medicine listed ‘group fitness’ as a global fitness trend to watch and here we break down the benefit of giving the trend a try...


Get Fit For Summer With Smash Fit PT

It is that time of year when most of you have just realised the weather is getting warm and “oh no” you haven’t trained all winter, you have indulged in foods that make you feel warm and cozy and there is only two months until Summer! If this is you now is the time to get active and start eating cle...


The Basics of Stretching

For many people, the idea of stretching seems to be spending a lot of time in the back of your mind gathering dust and not really getting the attention it needs. Don’t worry you’re in the same boat as a large percentage of the people in the gym. Read on to understand the importance of stretching and...


Become Pain Free

Almost all of us experience pain in our joints and muscles at some point in time. This can range from acute to chronic pain. When feeling acute pain, this is our body sending warning signals to change what we are doing or more serious problems will manifest, such as chronic pain or injury. But how d...