Terms & Conditions

Covid-19 Terms and Conditions from March 24th, 2020.

  • Due to the unprecedented event of Covid-19, and the forced closure by the government, all memberships with Planet Fitness had been frozen for this duration. Some memberships were due to have their yearly administration fee (YAF) debited during this time. Planet Fitness would like to advise, this debit will now take place on your scheduled debit cycle in August. For your specific YAF please refer to your membership portal.
  • Your membership was reactivated automatically, you do not need to do anything. Your fortnightly payments began on or around Thursday 18 June. Payment dates and schedules may vary based on your membership direct debit dates.
  • All membership contract terms have also had the 12 weeks we were forcibly closed added to the end for both paid in full memberships and direct debit memberships to fulfil the 12-month contract term. Please refer to your member portal for more information.
  • First fortnightly billing commenced from Thursday 18 June. You were not be charged for the first 5 days we were open.

12 Month Contract T&C for members prior to 2020*

*Applies to all 12 month contract members who joined before 6 January 2020