Is it safe to go to the gym? Yes

IS IT SAFE TO GO TO THE GYM? THE SHORT ANSWER: CURRENTLY, YES HOW TO STAY SAFE AT THE GYM [0] Wipe equipment before and after use with gym wipes provided [7] Wash or sanitise hands before and after using a piece of equipment Wipe your face with a towel, not your hands Minimise skin contact with othe...


The Importance of Recovery

How important is rest, recovery and hydration after exercise? Ever felt guilty for not working out because you were too sore?  Ever just felt a little bit ‘off’ whilst training? Ever been scared of getting an injury from working out too much? Maybe you are working out too much? Here we will look at...


UPDATE: Planet Fitness Tuggerah December 2018

Hi Everyone, Time for an update on the build progress with Planet Fitness Tuggerah, and boy, aren’t things well under way now. We have our trades in their working their best to get the job done and completed to a high level of standard. I have been working very closely with our new US business partn...


UPDATE: Planet Fitness Tuggerah October 2018

Update to Planet Fitness Tuggerah Members and Community, Once again i would like to thank you for your patience in waiting for our New Planet Fitness Tuggerah to roll out. Since my last message, last month, we have addressed a number of Technical, and Service requirements, that were attached to our...


UPDATE: Planet Fitness Tuggerah

Letter to Planet Fitness Tuggerah Members, On behalf of Planet Fitness Management and Staff, we thank you for your patience in waiting on the opening of our Tuggerah Fitness Centre. We have been very busy with a number of upgrades from our original design and fit out, as well as waiting on some extr...