Les Mills BodyPump




About the Class

The original barbell workout with motivating music. Our qualified instructors will coach you through the program focusing on all major muscle groups in 55 minutes. BodyPump will tone and shape your entire body by developing lean athletic muscle; burn calories; increase core strength and improve bone health.  Suitable for beginners to advanced participants with options always advised.

Class Type: Strength

Our strength classes are designed to challenge you and build lean muscle mass during every class! Lean muscle mass = increased metabolic rate, that’s right, a must for a lean, mean body. A session for everyone with progression levels in all classes to make you sweat and smile while you lift.

Did you know? Weight training produces stress to our muscles, this causes them to adapt and become stronger - similar to how cardio strengthens your heart. Weight training can be performed with free weights (e.g. barbells and dumbbells) or by using weight machines. You strength can also be increased through other types of resistance training, such as body weight or resistance exercises.