Yin/Yang Yoga



Puff Rating 3
Limit of participants

About the Class

Building strength, flexibility, and control through a strong flowing power yoga (yang) is balanced by holding stretches for minutes at a time within our (yin) practice. A fushion of two opposities, yin and yang = ease and effort. Mind, body and breath connect as one where you will will leave your practice feeling calm and refreshed.

Class Type: Wellbeing

Get your Zen on with our chilled out body and mind classes…don’t be fooled that these are “easy”. Wellbeing classes are what you make them, a relaxing time to reconnect or a challenge to find tougher poses and deeper options to explore. We dare you to give these a try and change your preconceptions!

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Did you know?
Mind-body exercises that focus on strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control/activation and breathing. This helps promote better posture and alignment whilst strengthening and toning the whole body.